Music Update

I found it very tough to listen to new music last month. This has a lot to do with all the great music I’ve purchased earlier in year and that I got into one of my Neil Young grooves again 🙂

I’ve been on endless rotation of Massey Hall 1971 for almost 2 months.

Artists that snuck in during my NY-MH-1971 groove were


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  1. Neil is hard to dispose of, but for me, the true wonder is Leonard. Junior Boys are where it is at for post 80s music lovers.

    Neon Bible is good stuff but – and – to be critical there is something lacking at the start of their songs. White Stripes hit it right away but Arcade Fire starts as if there is already a context that we are all in before it starts. I am unnerved right away in all their tunes.

    Try – CITR podcasts – Breakfast with the Brown for ambient sort of stuff, try Planet Lovetron for more like Arcade Fire midday sort of groove etc… post pop.

    An by the way I downloaded OMD Singles album the other day and find that they are absolutely great (again).
    Iain I have some new CDs coming…

  2. yes … arcade fire doesn’t leap out at me either … I’m thinking they are probably better “live” should go see them tonight.

    three albums stick out for me this year. apples in stereo, neil young massey hall, and dinosaur j beyond. these 3 are getting loads of play in my house.

    I’ll check out the others. thanks for the heads up.

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