BackupPC on Mac OS X – part 1

I posted a few weeks ago that I bought a backup book. I’ve finally installed BackupPC on my OS X Mac (v 10.4.9), performed my first few backups, and tested the restore functions. So far I’m still feeling good about my choice. The application has lots of features and is fairly friendly from the web interface.

For the future I’ve still got a fair bit to learn about all the features available and come to terms with the the time required to backup my >200GBs of machines. On the time side, I’m using rsync with no compression and get ~ 8MB/sec or 28.8G per hour 😦

On the installations side, I have to say that it is was not pain free. It requires a fair bit of comfort with the UNIX command line. Suffice it to say that I have a lot of rust in UNIX and PERL land 😛 so it took me a while to wade through it.

The BackupPC site at source forge is a good place to download the package, but I found the following two “howto’s” very very helpful. Overall, the install requires turning on “Personal Web Sharing”, turning on “Remote Login”, enabling root, configuration of Apache, configuration of SSH connections between clients and server, configuring /etc/hosts, install of rsyncP Perl module, and then one gets to play with the BackupPC configuration. Each is a small modification, but this is a lot for one with “rust”.

Here are 2 helpful “howto’s” and a link to BackupPC Users Forum that cover most of the installation details.

In a following post … I’ll detail some of the Mac specific items not covered in these Linux Howto’s.


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