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I’m having fun with 2 posts by Guy Kawasaki wrt/ Penelope Trunk’s Career Guidance Points. These are not your standard answers. I like them.

My favorite is the “Glass Ceiling”.

Myth: The glass ceiling still exists.

The glass ceiling is over, not because people crashed through, but because people are not looking up. Life above the glass ceiling is 100-hour weeks, working for someone else, and no time for friends and family. And it’s not only women who are saying no to the ladder up: Men are as well. People want to customize success for themselves, not climb someone else rungs. So if no one is climbing to the top, the glass ceiling isn’t keeping anyone down.

On my front — I get asked this kind of question all the time. I goes like “I’m a middle manager, I make more money than I dreamed of, but I have no time for anything else. My boss(es) want me to step up, but “up” looks like a life I don’t want to have”. Penelope nails it.


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  1. Need to look at the realities and the root of the problem. The “Glass Ceiling” people are the “Lucky” in our society. If they want to get off the train, it really is not that hard – just leap. It is what you have to give up to get off that train. If u want the stuff, work the hours because that is how u get the stuff. If u dont want the stuff, step aside and let someone else get the stuff. If nobody wants to step up. . . go to China and India and u will see many who are willing and ready.

    People in North America are still looking up at the “Glass Ceiling” – that is our nature which is reinforced through our environment. We will climb to maintain our GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO CONSUME. The “100 hour week” exists because of the relentless pounding from the emerging economies which threatens our GOD GIVEN RIGHT. It is naive to think that we set the rules of the game and we can get what is ours without playing. Opting out is not an option if we are to CONSUME as we have been programmed to do. Change the game – good luck – first ask yourself why u r playing the game 🙂

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