Memorial Cup Semi Final – A speed thing?

It is strange that Giants and “the Hat”, both whupped Plymouth. It doesn’t seem like a fluke, or coincidence. I’m guessing that it would happen often.

I’ve had a very hard time figuring out the Plymouth team at this tournament. It looked like their plan was to score on the power-play, and grind down the other teams during regular strength. The plan didn’t work.

I’m thinking their problem with this strategy at this tournament is that they just can’t play at the speed of Giants and the Hat. It feel’s like a skating thing. Their size just doesn’t matter when they’re a stride behind. They rarely got to the puck first in any game. I think they were trying, and just couldn’t do it. Too slow. They only had a few guys who could keep up.

hmmm … Movin’ on … Sunday’s game is sure to be another track meet with blazing speed, crushing hits, and emotion. Excellent!

On emotion and antagonistic play — again knockin’ the Whalers … it is amazin’ how much more effective the Hat’s Dorsett (15) is than the whalers Boll (7). All shit disturbers can learn from this Dorsett kid. It’s like he got DNA from Tiger Williams, Fleury, and Linseman 😛