Memorial Cup – The Lost Ticket & Good Samaritans Do Exist

The best story of the today’s game came via my “prettier half”. She dropped us off, we went into the building, and she parked the car.

On coming back to the rink she lost her ticket 😦

Then a lot of people helped her out.

  • The parking attendants helped her search the whole row near her car.
  • The “ticket scalper” said that he hadn’t bought her ticket and suggested that she go to the ticket office because they will reissue a ticket if it hasn’t been “used” yet.
  • The ticket office said yes we’ll cancel and reissue if you can tell us your seat number.
  • She didn’t know which ticket I had given her. So … the ticket office then let her into the building to find us and figure out which ticket she had lost.

The punchline — upon returning to the ticket office with the seat information the ticket agent says, “Oh that ticket, here it is … Someone found it in the parking lot and turned it in. Here you go, have fun watching the game.

Wow! A big thank you to the person who found our ticket and turned it in. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!