Teradici Leaks Out Product Details

Today Teradici emerged from “stealth mode” with articles in the press. There are plans for a full launch on June 18th.

Here are articles that I could find. The EE Times article has the most technical detail.

My first impression goes like this — This is great technology built by guys who have built great technology before. The challenge for Teradici ( like all semi vendors) is that their success lies in the hands of their customers, the “system” vendors. It will be the “blade” vendors like IBM, and others, that will make, or break, this new paradigm in enterprise computing.

To see the status of this technology one needs to look Teradici’s customers. Unfortunately chips always precede “system” products, and system vendors don’t like to announce product until it is in production. Thus it will be a while before we really get to see how excited IBM and other blade vendors really are.

For now it all looks good. The chips are ready 😎 Now the rest of the food chain has to deliver.

ps. yes a lot of my x-coworkers now work at Teradici and successfully told me very little about what was going on for the past 2 years 🙂


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  1. Teradici’s products are great. The Tera Host and Tera Portal work with minimal configuration and the video has no glitches even when running a video game. Teradici is going to change the remote desktop market.

  2. All and all, we know Ericom and Leostream are partners with Teradici but have not been able to produce a beta version.

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