Tunes from May – Dinosaur Jr | TMBG | Ian Hunter

May was a glorious month of tunes inspired by old listening habits.

Dinosaur Jr’s Beyond is gonna live in my car forever. Gonna contend with the longevity of my recent M. Ward and Black Keys addictions 🙂 I like all the songs (with the exception of the last 30 seconds of song 3) and just put it on infinite loop. Wow wow wow.

My silly side is still enjoying They Might Be Giants – No! very often. It all starts quickly with Fibber Island. Here is second verse … too funny.

Here on Fibber Island

Our house is made of pie

Our dog is two miles wide

And all he talks about is pie

On a more standard rock note. I also stumbled upon Ian Hunter’s Shrunken Heads This is really growing on me. It’s really good.

( He spells his first name wrong though 😛 )