The Sand Trap’s Eric B Stakes out the 18th on Sunday :-)

I really like the The Sandtrap Blog & Podcast ’cause these guys are true “golf fanatics” 😎 Eric Barzeski writes another “fanatic/golf_nut” post on his Sunday at Oakmont. I like how he stakes out his seat at 5:10am and is beaten by six people 👿 , has his “myLeaderboard” PDA, binoculars, etc. Excellent Stuff.

All I can now think about is ” When do I get to do this ❓ “

U.S. Open at Oakmont Journal: Sunday | The Sand Trap: “U.S. Open at Oakmont Journal: Sunday
Posted June 17th, 2007 by Erik J. Barzeski
Angel Cabrera wins the 107th U.S. Open. Here’s my account of a 14-hour day in the 18th hole grandstand.

What follows is a transcription of my notes from the grandstands near the 18th green on Sunday at the U.S. Open.

4:30 am ……
7:41 pm – On the way out, …”