Andreesen Keeps the Gems Flowing – Turnaround – “Stop Talking and Execute”

Marc Andreesen’s posts continue to be “best on the net”. His latest is “9 steps to Turn Around a sinking software/semiconduct/media company”

I was LOLing for a while over Step 1 “Go Dark and Execute” 👿 Here is a snippet

The Pmarca Guide to Big Companies, part 1: Turnaround!( excerpt from Step 1 )

“Money talks, hype walks — when you’re hitting your numbers, everyone thinks you’re a genius and believes everything you say, no matter how silly.

When you’re not hitting your numbers, everyone thinks you’re a moron and won’t believe anything you say, no matter how true.

So go dark, focus on the business, and don’t talk publicly for at least six months.

Mark ‘Who?’ Hurd sets the gold standard here.”

It is too true ❗ I wrote about this in part 7 Connect. I completely agree that there is no way anyone can talk their way out of “the pit of despair”. No one listens to our words at this point, only actions. Stop talking. It’s a waste of time. Also note that actions take a long time to play out. It’s just the way it is.