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This week continues the iPhone overload theme, I really like Mossbergs’s coverage of his 2 weeks the device, Telecom gets coverage in Business Week, VZ hits 1Mth FiOS customer mark, Google posts “net neutrality” position, Broadcom finds way into Iliad Service mix, Google gets into VOIP, MetroEthernet, and FTTH/PON.

In Careers and Mgmt land Marc Andreesen just keeps the gems flowing. The depth and quality is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Enjoy, Iain

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Careers & Mgmt

Marc Andreesen’s blog is an fantastic source of posts on this topic. Here are ones I like this week ( ie all of them 😀 )


  • Out: Trade Publishers. In: Gigaom and TechCrunch – IP Democracy – agree with this. I really like Om Malik’s Blog. I used to read TechCrunch, but it has become overwhelming to follow ( just too many posts per day) and it is very Web 2.0 focussed. I had to choose one and went with Om’s ’cause he follows broadband very closely.

General Interest ( Fun )


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