Just Got the Shaw Phone & Home Network up


We had the Shaw phone installed this weekend. So far it has worked just fine. We went with “digital phone lite” plan. The Shaw Phone modem is an Arris Touchstone TM502G.

I found it really cool that we were able to keep our old Telus number. It was fairly painless. Order the phone, wait 3 weeks for number transfer process, and then have Shaw install the phone. All the installer had to do was call the “transfer” number and we were in business. Worked first time.

Shaw also installed what the “installer” called the high-end cable from the street to my house. I didn’t think much about it then. But I’m liking it now with downloads from audible and eMusic now unbelievably fast. I’ve seen sustained 1,000+ MB ( ie > 8 Mbits/second) a few times. Wow!


Here is a picture of the rest of my home network’s “data center” πŸ˜‰ Every room in the house is connected via Cat 5e to a Dell PowerConnect 2716 GigE Switch. The Broadband Stuff is Linksys WRT54G BB router (the blue box … I don’t use the WiFi) and Motorola Cable Modem ( black vertical box).

GigE might seem like overkill. But my Macs have GigE ports and the performance with GigE is pretty good. I’ve also found that network back ups run at ~112Mbits/second over a full backup of 40GB. There is no way that would happen with 10/100Base-T. It would probably be half that.

For TV — I just got the Shaw HD PVR a week before the Masters πŸ˜‰ I also have had an IO Data networked HD-DVD player AVel LinkPlayer2 for about 2 years (it is still great). The Avel Linkplayer connects into the GigE switch and can play “Audio/Video/Still” files from any computer in the house. Pretty much the capability of iTV 2 years ago. This has a Sigma Designs chip in it. The only thing missing from LinkPlayer is support for Apple AAC files 😦 As such, I buy from eMusic and CD.