UBC Technology Ventures – BAEN 580 – A Great Start

I attended UBC Sauder School’s first Technology Ventures course BAEN 580 “final” presentations last weekend.

I’d like to give Andy Wright kudos for taking time to rally the panelists in attendance and taking the time to work on this course start to finish. Also, thanks to Perry and Andy including me in the final day.

On my front, I’m not so sure the students enjoyed me 😉 I forgot how “harsh” I can be in this environment 👿 I say “forgot” because I did later remember my buddy “Bill” telling me that he (and others) enjoyed sitting in when I calmly and methodically reviewed/”shredded” plans.

This Technology Ventures course looks to be a great addition to UBC. The instructor is the Stanford Ventures pioneer Mike Lyons. I really enjoyed his style, energy, and approach. I expect there to be a waiting list for this course every year. This is good prep for the “real” world.