“Spook Country” — Another Gem from William Gibson

I’ve been a William Gibson fan for a long time. I really liked his last book Pattern Recognition and was looking forward to his new book Spook Country.

So is it any good? Yes ❗ I powered thru this book in less than a week. The first bit was tough going because he introduces a lot of new characters and edgy technology stuff like locative art. The remainder was like “candy”. I love this stuff.

In has latest books Gibson has developed a knack for catching the “edge” of today’s popular technology & politics. He makes it creepy, scary, unsettling, compelling, and sometimes fun. It could be happening right now ( or very soon ). It is just so 😎

I listened to the audible version. It took a while to get used to the narrator, Robertson Dean. But when I did get used to him, I couldn’t turn my iPod off.

3 thoughts on ““Spook Country” — Another Gem from William Gibson

  1. I read Neuromancer in college… it is amazing how visionary the book was.

    I must say Stephenson is better reading due to the humor – Snow Crash is still my all time favorite SciFI.

    People tell me I need to read Vinge. Agree? Disagree?

  2. * You should give Pattern Recognition a try. Gibson has really grown as writer since Neuromancer.
    * I really like Stephenson too. From Snow Crash to the the latest Newton/Leibnitz “monster”
    * I haven’t read Vernor Vinge yet. I’ve got to check if it’s on Audible.

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