MIA’s “Kala” — A Challenge Worth Undertaking

Warning up front — this is not “easy listening” material. Some may find it downright un-listenable. Such is life.

M.I.A’s new album Kala is just fantastic. It’s all over the place. It’s crazy. The beats often remind me of Bahamian Junkanoo at New Years. She’s very political. Reminds me of those old Fela Kuti Albums. Amidst all this she uses “lovable” Jonathan Richman lyrics in her first song. Just strange. It’s a challenging album that deserves a good try.

Track 11 “Paper Planes” is the most accessible “song” which begins with the “riff” from the Clash’s “Straight to Hell“.

There are good tracks to sample on MIA’s MySpace page.

Here is a list of reviews from MetaCritic. As I would expect from such a “challenging” album, the rankings go from a low of 30/100 to a high of 100/100.