Thoughts on Bandwidth Consumption – Don’t forget Data Caps.

Andrew@Nyquist tells me that I pimp his stuff soooooo well. Here I go again 😉

A few days ago he posted the The Bandwidth Explosion Myth. It includes a case study of the bandwidth hungry Japanese in order to forecast a future possibilities elsewhere. But the results seem to fly in the face of John Chambers Analyst Day comments. Maybe the difference is that Cisco believes corporations are gonna drive the demand and not consumers. hmmm ❓

Cisco believes network traffic grew 50%-100% from 2001-2006 and they are now forecasting network traffic to grow 300%-500% over the next 5+ years as corporations begin to introduce more video applications on the network. According to Cisco, video traffic already drives more bandwidth consumption than the entire Internet created in 2000.

On Bandwidth Consumption — Don’t forget to include Data Caps 💡

The “Data Cap” or monthly data transfer limit is often omitted in discussions of Bandwidth Consumption. While it is great to watch my audible books dowload quickly this is far above the average data rate that my service provider agrees to give me. The average data rate for “High Speed Internet” is often measured in 100’s of kilobits per second.

Here is an example of’ Internet offering. I believe it is representative of most offerings. If not generous.

  • High-Speed Lite – The perfect choice for those who email as well as lightly browse the Internet.
    • 256 kbps download speed
    • 126 Kbps upload Speed
    • 10 GB/month data transfer — The Data Cap — ~31 kbps average
  • High-Speed – Ideal for those who send a lot of email, download large files such as music or TV episodes, and play online games.
    • 5 Mbps download speed
    • 512 Kbps upload speed
    • 60 GB/month data transfer — The Data Cap — ~185 kbps average
  • Xtreme-I – For those who download large files, appreciate online gaming, and visit interactive, media-intensive Web sites.
    • 10 Mbps download speed
    • 10 Mbps download speed
    • 1 Mbps upload speed
    • 100 GB/month data transfer — The Data Cap — ~309 kbps average
  • Nitro – Download music in seconds and full-length movies in less than ten minutes.
    • 25 Mbps download speed
    • 1 Mbps upload speed
    • 150 GB/month data transfe — The Data Cap — ~463 kbps average

Here is the translation of “Data Cap” in Gigabytes-per-month to Megabits-per-second

Data Cap GB/month Mbps average over 30 day month
10GB/month 10 0.031
60GB/month 60 0.185
100GB/month 100 0.309
150GB/month 150 0.463

hope I got this right 😉

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