Blogging Software – Mars Edit 2.0

Powerful Blog Authoring Made Simple.

You may have noticed that I’ve added the MarsEdit badge to my right hand border. This is a nod of appreciation to Daniel over at MarsEdit for promptly addressing my “international credit card” issues that reared their ugly head while trying to upgrade to version 2.0.

That said I’d recommend Mars Edit to anyone regularly publishing blog content. I’ve been using Mars Edit almost every day for over six months and really like it. I like how it is integrated with the NetNewswire Reader, I like the “post with MarsEdit” browser script, I like how I can live preview html, I like the scripting, and I like how easy it is to post & update to WordPress.

There is much that I haven’t dug into as well. I’d like to figure out how to edit/maintain my blogs “static” pages.

On the new version –I have yet to dive into the new features, but the Flickr integration looks like a great new feature. I’ve activated it and it appears very useful.