Amazon’s New MP3 Service – Not in Canada

amazonmp3 &&& it requires a US based credit card 😦

Bummer 😦


5 Replies to “Amazon’s New MP3 Service – Not in Canada”

  1. You’d be forgive for thinking that a Canadian credit card could be used. They let you choose your card from the existing list and then ask for an address where the territory is a drop-down box labeled “State/Province/Region”.

  2. Hey, whatever happened to FREE TRADE, Here is another example of the CRTC getting into areas it doesn’t belong. What’s better, paying .99 cents for a MP3 or ripping it off a Greek or Russian Web page for free. Why are we being forced to buy a whole CD and get the bulk of the product shoved down out throats eh ? Come on I dare some head stuck in the sand CRTC official to answer.

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