Excellent! – Vinyl Cafe Now Available via Podcast

True Canadiana 😎

Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe is now available via podcast. It is very easy to find in the iTune Podcast directory. It is the #1 podcast.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Quirks and Quarks was podcast for a long time now, but I’ve always wanted Vinyl Cafe. The CD collections are fantastic. They are a family favorite. I could never get organized enough to listen in every week. This is great ❗ Thank You CBC.

It looks like the first full podcast was on Sept 28th.


2 Responses to Excellent! – Vinyl Cafe Now Available via Podcast

  1. ERic says:

    Stuart makes even the mundane fantastic – one of my favourites is the turkey one – Morley gets a hotel room to cook it… (at Christmas but still seasonal this weekend). I’m waiting for the Signal to be Podcasted!

    Is it possible that anybody likes Tonic btw?

  2. Iain Verigin says:

    tardy reply … Was the long weekend.

    I like Tonic Water in the summer 😉

    What is the “Signal”?

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