4 Steps to Epiphany – First Thoughts

I’ve been intending to comment on Steven Blank’s, The Four Steps to Epiphany for a while now. It has taken me longer to digest than I first thought.

So far I really like the following.

  • Your “product/idea/customers/model” is all a hypothesis at the beginning.
    • It is not fact.
    • The sooner you “get out of the building”, test it out & iterate it, the better.
    • Reminds me of a previous post.
  • Customer Discovery Rules
    • “Facts are outside the building, opinions are inside.”
    • “Solve a problem that customers say is important and valuable”
    • “Does the product concept solve that problem”
  • The setting of time expectations for entering different markets ❗ ( I find this a big point. It’s good to see an expert write it down. )customer_discovery.gif
  • The introduction of a Customer Development Process (CDP) in parallel with Product Development process.
  • The concept that this CDP is often very different from traditional sales, marketing, and development efforts.
    • “Stop selling, start listening”

More on this later. Hopefully I’ll have something more coherent 😉