Presentation #3 – UBC Technology Entrepreneurship Club

Thanks for inviting me to speak. Most of the post-presentation discussion was directed at career choices and “what is eng phys (of physics) good for?”. Along those lines I highly recommend reading Marc Andreesen’s posts on Career Planning and an old presentation of mine on “Fizz”.

Here is my 3rd presentation at UBCWhat does Marketing Do? “The Pursuit”

The first half is a 50k-foot view of technology marketing and the 2nd Half is a template for a monthly marketing review.

Key Points follow.

  • Marketing 50k’ View
    • Drucker – Business Purpose ==> Create a Customer
    • Drucker – Business needs only 2 functions ==> Marketing & Innovation
    • Drucker – Marketing is knowing the customer so well the product sells itself (think iPod)
    • Blank – Customer Development Process
    • Blank – Marketing Gets Outside the Building — There are only opinions inside
    • Verigin – Market, Customer, Roadmap, Action Cycle ( focus of #2 )
    • Moore – Complex and Volume Business Architectures
  • Marketing Monthly Review Template
    • Near Term (70% of your time)
      • The Score – Wins, Losses, Pendings, Forecast
      • How To Score – Battle Plans, Detail Customer Summaries, Plan of Record (the whole schedule), Key Communication Meetings.
    • Longer Term (30% of your time)
      • Customer Development — Never Stops, building customer/prospect wish list, pick a dream customer, pick a thought leader, work on it.
      • MarComm – Develop a plan, Complex Systems’s co’s are about relationships so “broadcast” is not appropriate for customers (is appropriate for investors), Who is the “Investor”?
      • Competitive Analysis, Task Force.