DSL Prime quotes – Does ATM-like control live on at DT? More FTTH converts. WiMax dreams

Dave Burstein’s DSL Prime always has good bits. I particularly like this weeks banter on Deutche Telekom (control) vs Iliad’s Free (simple) discussion. It reminds me of Wired’s 1996 article describing ATM vs IETF in “Netheads vs Bellheads”.

Here are some other interesting quotes from the full post.

Coming in DSL Prime is the news KPN in Holland is junking their “fiber/DSL” for true GPON fiber all the way home capable of delivering hundreds of megabits. British Telecom has essentially made the same decision, but is trying to get concessions from Ofcom’s Ed Richards first.

WiMAX Future: One Day, Equipment Cost Similar to DSL
Waiting for the chipsets

Wimax modems are typically three times the $25-$40 cost of basic DSL gear, keeping growth slow. Mania Brooks pf ZyXEL, who won the contract to supply Sprint in the U.S., expects dramatic change when Intel and others ship their chipsets promised for late 2008. “Except for the chipset, WiMAX equipment is little different from DSL. The costs go up because most customers want WiFi, 2 channel VOIP, and other features, but the basic ships are the main reason prices are still high.” She predicts that prices for basic models will rapidly fall below $100 as the new chips arrive, although $50 pricing is still far away.


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