Tech – No Life Balance

I’m uncomfortable with Marc Andreesen’s recent Career Planning disclaimer


* These posts are aimed at high-potential people who want to excel throughout their careers and make a significant impact on their fields and the world. These posts are not appropriate for people for whom work/life balance is a high priority or for whom lifestyle is particularly important — if that’s you, there are plenty of existing career planning resources for you already!

I have to agree with him that career advancement in technology comes at the expense of “life balance”. I remember one of the first actions that PMCS’s first HR director took — She rounded up the founding team, and then told us that the fact that none of us used any of our holiday time for 4 years straight was a recruiting nightmare. I was, personally, reprimanded for not taking any time away from work when my first child was born. (yes I’m that dumb).

That said — I’m very uncomfortable with the “glorification” of “no balance” without discussing the ramifications of this choice. If one is going to choose this route, they need to treat themselves like a pro athlete. I wrote a very personal note on the topic in my marketing rants — I Forget What 8 Was For? – What the !@#$ Does Marketing Do?