Finished Ender Wiggin Series

I’ve been on an Ender Wiggin read-a-thon for the past 2 months. I loved all of it.

Any suggestions for my next read-a-thon?

For now I’m planning on balancing out the “serious” Orson Scott Card with “humourous” works by PG Wodehouse or Carl Hiassen.


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  1. I recently finished Issac Asimov’s The Gods Themselves. The story forms around the interaction between two parallel worlds, with lots of ideas and imagination characteristic to Asimov’s novels. I also like his Foundation series, if you haven’t read them. The next one for me could be either Friday by Heinlein or Neuromancer by Gibson. I’ve also heard good reviews of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist (not sci-fi).

    Here is a good sci-fi novels list with which it’s hard to go wrong:

    I haven’t read anything by Card, but from your review I might as well put it ahead of others.

  2. Thanks Victor. I haven’t read an Asimov or Heinlein in a while. I really liked the Foundation series. I’ll check if audible has that Asimov title. … just checked … they don’t 😦

    I’m quite familiar with the Nebula list and was surprised that I’d never heard of Card before. I really like all of Gibson’s work. Neal Stephenson is great, but long long long.

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