Playin’ with Python

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing my unix & text scripting in Python instead of my longtime choice Perl. I’ve ported a few of my Perl scripts over to Python and I definitely like the “readability” of Python. I don’t write scripts that often these days and I’ve found it difficult to edit them a month later. Python should help with this.

My other motivation is that my kids are hitting their teens and are asking me about programming. It looks to me like Python is a good language to begin with. It’s got all the basics, is Object-Oriented (if you want), and has tons of support on the web. The “idle” environment makes it easy to experiment with, too.

But I’m finding it hard to change. Mainly ’cause I’ve used Perl for so long. How long? I just checked my trusty edition of Larry Wall’s “Programming in Perl” — it is March 1992. I remember buying it after borrowing Alan N’s for a year. So it has been 16 years of Perl “hacks” for me. That is a few years of use šŸ™‚