OHA – gPhone Alliance Clippings

Here is a collection gPhone Alliance / OHA posts. Enjoy. I’m still processing this info. Om and Dean have some good points to consider.

  • Gphone Platform Alliance – Google Press Release
  • Google, Bidding For Phone Ads, Lures Partners – WSJ.com
  • Google Enters the Wireless World – New York Times
  • Google Launches Mobile Phone Platform, Android: What it Means, What Experts Think « GigaOM
  • 5 Open Questions About the Google Phone aka Android « GigaOM
  • Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless: Open Handset Alliance – Initial thoughts
  • Dean Bubley’s Disruptive Wireless: Google’s phone platform… how large is its addressable market?
  • Google rallies allies in open Linux phone initiative – Linux Devices
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  2. Suzi

    For the most part I agree with you and enjoy reading your posts.

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