Recovering Deleted Files on iMac

My friend Tim had the misfortune of deleting an important file and having no backup 👿

We tried a one product and it just didn’t work 😦

Then we tried Prosoft’s Data Rescue II. Wow ❗ It worked first try!

We loaded the demo. Tried the deleted files scan which eventually turned up a long list of files. The files were associated properly with their applications. No mean feat in Apple-land because most people ( ie us ) don’t append .doc, .xls, or .ppt to their files. The demo only allowed us to open one file. We tried it and it returned a file we remembered. We then bought the product and got the activation code. We activated and continued perusing the recovered list, “et voila” found the file in less than 15 min.

A big thank you to 😀 to the guys at ProSoft for turning a “nightmare” around.


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