“The 1st Q” from Cisco’s latest Conference Call Q&A

I had to go directly to the source and read the Cisco transcript to see where it all started to go awry…. It was the 1st question 😦

Cisco Systems F1Q08 (Qtr End 10/27/07) Earnings Call Transcript – Seeking Alpha:

Blair Christie

Thank you, John. We’ll now open the floor back for our Q&A session. We do still request that sell-side analysts please ask only one question. Kim, let’s go ahead and open the floor to questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


Your first question comes from Brant Thompson – Goldman Sachs.

Brant Thompson – Goldman Sachs

John, I was wondering if you could expand a little bit more on the U.S. enterprise market, in particular in terms of what verticals you are seeing lumpiness in? How does that compare versus what you had seen in the last two quarters? Thanks.

John Chambers

Brant, in terms of the overall markets just to put it in perspective, our enterprise, which includes public sector, on a global basis was very solid. In the U.S. and the enterprise not counting public sector, we did see some softness. In the financial categories that were most affected by that, financial services and especially the large financial institutions, we did see pretty dramatic year-over-year decreases in orders. The same was true in areas such as automotive. Retail was, candidly, a mix in terms of the approach, so we saw some very mixed results from the retail segment. But those would probably be the three industry categories that were most affected, Brant.”

There is a lot of analyst commentary on this topic at Seeking Alpha – Networking


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