Evolution of Blogs – first draft


I’ve been following the thread created by Fred Wilson’s Techmeme: A Cautionary Tale. In this post he comments on his blog’s continuing fall down Tech Meme’s leaderboard.

Om Malik later posts a comment on this. The Team, The Meme and The Individual Blogger « GigaOM

My Experience

I’ve been reading blogs seriously for 2-3 years now. Over this period I’ve really liked the personal blogs of Fred Wilson, Om Malik, Mike Arrington, James Enck, Martin Geddes, Mark Evans, WR Koss, Andrew Schmitt, Paul Kedrosky, and Marc Andreesen. ( I know I’ve missed some ) Each has their own voice.

I’ve found that I’m like Yogi Berra in my reading habits. I’ve stopped following the most popular blogs recently. I stopped reading Arrington’s Techcrunch first and I rarely read Om Malik these days. I’ve been trying to figure out why this is the case. There is lotsa good stuff there. I think it is ’cause their blogs are overwhelming to follow. Just too much stuff.

Secondly — It is interesting that of the 10 bloggers I’ve mentioned 4 have formed teams, 4 remain loners, and two have taken extended breaks.

  • team – malik, arrington, geddes, evans.
  • lone – wilson, schmitt, andreesen, kedrosky
  • lone – no longer : enck, wr koss (making a come back ❓ ).

Any ways these are my rough thoughts


4 Replies to “Evolution of Blogs – first draft”

  1. Thanks for the kind mention, Iain. Interestingly enough, my blog reading follows a similar pattern. I read many wire services and similar sources — Reuters, Dow Jones/WSJ/Marketwatch, Blomberg, Thomson, etc. — as well as a bunch of smaller blogs, but I read relatively little of the major blogs or blog networks.

  2. interesting note on wire services — I’ve found myself reading WSJ & NYT much more lately.

    a tentative summary would be — It’s hard to beat wire services & big media for “news” and it is hard to beat “the industry expert” blogs for the equivalent of “columns”.

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