Feelin’ Queasy After ;-) >> American Gods – Neil Gaiman

American Gods was my first introduction to Neil Gaiman. Wow! This was an experience and not all of it pleasant ❗ While reading it I was often reminded of Irvine Welsh’s “rivetting” Trainspotting. That was another one of those books where I kept asking myself, “This is so strange. Why am I reading this? Why am I turning pages so fast? Why is this so compelling? It’s so dark, crinkly, demanding, and often uncomfortable. Why is it so good? I just don’t know. But it is.” 😎

I’d seen & heard recommendations for this book in lots of places over the past year, or so. It won Hugo and Nebula awards which matter to me. But I never pulled the trigger. It seemed to “darkish”. ( Like what Tim Burton would write like if he wrote books [ which was a correct impression] ) I finally took a chance when it showed up 12th in audible’s recently released Essential 100 this past month. I’m glad I got it.

Here is a link to Neil’s official website. There is lot’s of info on him and his works. I’m thinking that I need to look into the Sandman comic series.


4 Responses to Feelin’ Queasy After ;-) >> American Gods – Neil Gaiman

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  2. Andrew Schmitt says:

    You want queasy and dark try “The Road”. I gave the book away after reading as I was uncomfortable having it on my shelf.

  3. Iain Verigin says:

    LOL … I don’t have trainspotting in my house either … I think my wife gave it away and I’m not complaining.
    Very engaging in a twisted way.
    I can only do one a year ( or every other year ).

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