Kids Hockey – The recent “Fighting” episode … expect more.

Here it goes again 👿 The Globe & Mail has an article on a Novice AAA team brawl that occured over the past weekend. In case you’re not a hockey parent, Novice is 7 and 8 year olds. AAA is likely all 8 year olds.

I didn’t know that Ontario has AAA Novice. Here in BC we don’t stream until Atom. Doesn’t really matter. It’s too early for the kids in either case. But on a practical level it is not soon enough if you’re goal is the Bantam draft.

There will be more of these altercations in the future rather than less. The time & dollar commitment required for AAA level minor hockey is extreme. There are lots of extreme people involved. There is a strong perception that there is a lot on the line. The pressure is on.

The timeline of minor hockey is very short. The bantam draft happens at 15 (usually end of grade 9). Which means that there isn’t much time to prepare. A kid has to make a “pedigreed” Bantam team in grade 8, a pedigreed PeeWee team in grade 6, or maybe a pedigreed Atom team in Grade 4. The pressure is on. There isn’t much time. It is also “sad” that all of the hockey schools and programs are so good these days that they work. Not doing them really does set your child back. Especially if you live in an affluent area where a large percentage of kids partake in them.

The comments are also more of the same “hockey sucks” or “hockey is hockey” stuff. There are tons of them since this is the most viewed article of the day (according to their site )

Parting Note The thing that surprises me most with all of this focus on starting early is that our World Junior Team often has a large percentage of kids that come from smaller towns and thus don’t enter into this madness until bantam, or once they are in the CHL. They are lucky that they don’t live in a big city.