Hi Correlation: Sales/Mkting Careers and University Rugby

I’m getting a good chuckle wrt/ my anecdotal experience that playing rugby in University is a good indicator of a career in Sales and Marketing.

The story starts with my friend Greg’s kids. They are both excellent students and rugby players. He recently told me that his son took a co-op position in marketing. I thought that was strange, but I’m in tech marketing and so I didn’t think too much about it.

Today I made the connection that this co-op position is with a company who’s Marketing guy is a fellow McGill University rugby alumnus. It got me thinking, “Who else?” Let’s see there is: Tom D, Dave S, Pierre Mc, myself and even Chuck K gave up medicine for the business side. If I think harder there are probably more.

Non-Rugby aficionado’s would likely say (politely), “makes sense … rugby is a highly social group” of @#$%’s.