I’m definitely a long-tail blog (rank 2.9Mth) — or am I?

After reading the latest laments of personal tech blogs falling down the rankings. I thought I’d check my blog’s ranking for the first time. Whew! It’s like looking at the one’s golf swing on video for the first time … “Man I suck” … but then I knew that already 🙂

Trying to feel better, I wondered what percentile that is? There are lots of blogs, so maybe its not that bad. (one can dream)

How many blogs are there? David Sifry ( co-founder and CEO of Technorati) track’s all the Technorati State of the Internet stuff on his blog. In his April 2007 post he says. “Technorati is tracking 70M blogs and adding 120k per day.”

Now thats better. I’m in the top 5% of all blogs 😎

You might want to check out his state of the blogosphere posts. They’ve got good graphics like this.


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