Jackie Burke Jr is Entertaining — Warning this is a Golf Post ;-)

I just finished reading It’s Only a Game: Words of Wisdom from a Lifetime in Golf
by Jackie Burke. It’s in the style of a book that I really like, Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. Lot’s of little snippets. Easy, entertaining, and lots of solid ideas 💡 . That is if your a golf fanatic 😀

Most of Burke’s solid ideas are simple & provide great results, but require a ton of work. For example, Burke is the source of the 100 consecutive 3′ putt circle drill popularized by Michelson. I work on this drill a lot. It really works and I tone it down to 20. But I didn’t know that it’s even more difficult. Burke says “no lining it up”. This guy is evil in a good way.

If you’ve got a golf fanatic needing a XMAS gift. This would work just fine. If the price tag of hardcover is too much go with Penick’s Little Red or Butch Harmon’s Playing Lessons.