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I set up MediaWiki on my home network last week. I’m running OS X 10.4 ( not going 10.5 for a year) It works great so far. The initial purpose is to keep track of all the family activities. For example, does your wife have the soccer contact list? What is the hockey team’s website with driving directions. Who has all the details for the field hockey trip? Now all the bookmarks and important files are in one place that everyone can get to.

I chose MediaWiki because I’ve been using it successfully for over a year on other projects. It is the Wiki behind Wikipedia which makes it comfortable on the eye for most users. The online documentation is great. The only downside is that there are often “too many pretty it up” options.

At first I installed MoinMoin‘s MoinX application ’cause it is so easy to install on a Mac. Installed in minutes. No extra stuff to worry about, like: PHP, MySQL, etc. I had great success using MoinMoin before. I like it ’cause it works and it doesn’t have many “polishing” features that can turn a simple page into a piece of art. A wiki is for sharing. But MediaWiki markup is the “defacto” standard, so I figure the family will be better served learning MediaWiki instead. (Also it is the one I use most today )

As far as installation of MediaWiki on OSX.

The whitesourcers blog has a great HowTo: Installing MediaWiki on Mac OS X (Tiger). This “HowTo” explains how to get latest PHP for Mac, install MySQL, and install MediaWiki. It just worked ❗ Thanks “whitesourcer” guys.


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