Chip vendors (BRCM & CAVM) partner on Linux switches

This has got to be good news for Cavium. Not too often that the little guy gets to partner with the “gorilla” in public.

Chip vendors partner on Linux switches: “Dec. 04, 2007

Two fabless networking chip vendors will collaborate on Linux-based reference designs for managed enterprise switches and SOHO/SMB routers. The designs will combine Cavium’s multi-core MIP64-based Octeon processors with Broadcom’s StrataXGS and RoboSwitch Gigabit Ethernet switches, and run Linux along with LVL7’s Fastpath TCP/IP stack. “

(Via Linux Devices Blog.)

fyi … This is a concrete example of what I described in a “rant” in June. “CommSemi Nightmares — 802.3 L3+ chips are just “a backplane device

note: BRCM acquired LVL7 in Jan 2007