My Top Ten Catalog Discoveries of 2007 (Music)

I bought and enjoyed a lot of albums that weren’t released in the past 12 months. They are from the “catalog”.

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Top Ten Catalog Discoveries

1. They Might Be Giants – No! – If u have kids u need this album! If u don’t have kids u need this album, too! “Fibber Island” is the most sung song in my household this year. period. Way too much fun 🙂
2. Lali Puna – Scary World Theory – This is a chill-out album — #4 “Contratempo” is the most listened to song in my iTunes library this year.
3. Booka Shade – Movements – German techno dance gets everyone movin’.
4. Elliot Smith – Either /Or – This is a real “grower”. You might remember some of the songs from Good Will Hunting
5. Miles Davis – Live at 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival – Almost Blue’s – “So What” is played at warp speed. Whew ❗ this is great.
6. Thelonius Monk – Monk, Alone in Paris – Chill before it was called Chill. Beautiful.
7. Bob Mould – Body of Song – I loved Husker Du. Need I say more. This is way more mellow … in a good way.
8. Household Names – The Trouble With Being Nice – Can you say “power pop”. My friend Dave can. Thx for the tip.

9. Of Montreal – The Sunlandic Twins – This has a great album cover and good songs too.
10. Fugazi – 13 Songs – Get out your skateboard 💡 Careful driving with this on.


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