Cringely on APPLE — Q. Are They Worth it? — A. YES

I’m stunned by Cringely’s Dec 7 article Kindling: WebKit is the key to Apple’s near future including a new tablet computer. It’s not his speculation of an iTablet computer that rocks me (that is cool ğŸ˜Ž ). It’s his absolute conviction that Apple is “Worth it”. Wow ❗ Here is a snippet of the article.

… In terms of market cap that was more than $160 billion ago, as Apple has gone up by more than 80X since the return of Steve Jobs in the summer of 1997. Jobs and Apple are now on top of the personal computing and consumer electronics worlds, “firing on all cylinders” as Wall Street analysts like to put it. That means it is time for a more nuanced look at the company and where it is headed. Is it really that valuable?