My Top Reading For 2007 – Work Related

Here are links to my favorite “work related” reads in 2007. I’m not restricting myself to books released in 2007.

Top Work Related Books

  1. Made to Stick – Chip & Dan Heath
    • Wanna communicate better in real and business life ❓
    • Do not pass go … go directly to bookstore
    • It’s even entertaining πŸ’‘ fun & good for you πŸ’‘
  2. No Asshole Rule – Dr. Bob Sutton

    • Guess that you’re thinking –“He’s not talking about me” πŸ‘Ώ
    • Do not pass go … go directly to bookstore
  3. Dealing with Darwin – Geoffrey Moore

    • Moore tackles innovation strategies.
  4. Leadership and the New Science – Marg Wheatley
  5. Long Tail – Chris Anderson
    • This is a big part of our world today. Seems like common-sense, but the examples are not always what I thought.
  6. A Random Walk Down WallStreet – Burton Malkiel
    • This is a good “sanity check” for people who read a lot of analyst reports or think they can “beat” the market.
  7. The Four Steps to Epiphany – Steven Gary Blank
    • This is a tough read, but the content is fantastic.
    • If you’re developing new products “u need to read this” ❗
    • hopefuly future editions will be easier to read.