iGTD Mac ToDo List Manager

I was reading thru MacWorld’s 2007 Reader’s Choice Awards and stumbled across iGTD to-do list manager from Bartek Bargiel. I’ve decided to give it a try.

I’m terrible with electronic ToDo list managers. I’ve never migrated from my notebook technique to the computer. Each time I start with some energy and eventually bail on it. My notebook technique is the age-old notes go in front ways and to-do lists go in the backdoor ( ie back-page first). I try to use one note book for all meetings.

I’ve been using iGTD for a few weeks now. It’s best feature also makes it kinda tuff to get started with. That is that a task has a project view and a “context” view ( that is — where are you gonna do the task?). It also supports “tags” and can synch to iCal. I’ve yet to do that. soon.

It’s looking good so far, but will I be using it in June? Hmmm … don’t know. Time will tell.