quick reading update

I’ve got too many in the fire at the moment … which meant that I picked up Ender’s Shadow at the library a few days ago and powered thru. I’m so addicted to these Ender Wiggin books.

Other irons in the fire at the moment.

  • Ian McEwan’s – Saturday – I’ve read Amsterdam and Atonement so far. This guy is very gifted. I can’t power read these though. Takes time do digest, every word counts.
  • Marshall Goldsmith’s – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – I got this book title from the globe & mail’s HARVEY SCHACHTER’s Top 10 Business Books of 2007. It was number 2. It reminds me of chapter 15 “Know Your Strengths and Values” in the Essential Drucker. In that chapter Drucker notes that knowing one’s strengths and values is critical to knowing how to improve oneself, but he also notes that all people have a very hard time knowing who they really are. This book is about really coming to terms with our little flaws. ouch 😉 I’ve still got a lot of reading to do. It’s very interesting so far.

  • Roald Dahl’s – BFG narrated by Natasha Richardson — Just how good is that ❗ It’s really good. again so far. I have too much on the reading plate 😉