The Monster Switches of Cisco and Juniper

I’m having fun looking at the new Cisco Nexus and the Juniper EX series boxes.

I particularly like the 256 x 10GbE ports per rack feature (noted in Lightreading). Wow! Juniper even says this is wire-rate.

On a Internet design front. The focus of these boxes is intra-datacenter so it is no surprise that connectivity is Ethernet based and that there is some discussion of storage interfaces. But there is “zero” discussion of telecom connectivity. I take that to mean that they assume Ethernet connectivity to every kind of equipment in the datacenter. That includes the outside connections.

I also like how close the Cisco-stated $250M development cost is to my buddy Stacy’s estimates of such a beast a few years back. You were spot on dude!


2 Replies to “The Monster Switches of Cisco and Juniper”

  1. Iain:

    You are spot-on. While the Cicso Nexus is,as you say, a “monster” switch, we still expect the typical data center to be built from a blend of Nexus, Catalyst and other products like the the Cisco 7600.

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