Bros is a Great Song – Panda Bear – Person Pitch

My first reaction to his album was that I haven’t warmed to Animal Collective yet, so why Panda Bear? I ignored the high eMusic ranking for most of 2007. It scored so highly in year end 2007 top lists that I actually gave it a listen.

The result is that my kids are frequently heard saying, “Dad that was a cool song (Bros) for the first 10 times we’ve heard it. Move on …”

Metacritic does a nice job of collecting links to all reviews of an album. Here is Metacritic Panda Bear Person Pitch

You can hear Bros on his MySpace page.


3 Responses to Bros is a Great Song – Panda Bear – Person Pitch

  1. Dave says:

    It really is a great tune. We wrote a little analysis of it on – Agreed, it’s one of those songs that gets listened to over and over, annoying friends (which can be a bonus too!).

  2. Iain Verigin says:

    Hi Dave, I liked your analysis wrt/ Bros … so addictive … I had to play it right away.

    liked your review of Miles Davis “So What”
    – eMusic has live in “Live at the 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival” …. “So What” is played at extreme pace.

  3. Dave says:

    Hey Iain, sorry for not getting back sooner. Cheers for the rec, will check out Live at Monterrey. Haven’t heard enough of Miles Davis’ stuff.

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