Silent Message: Vinge’s Rainbows End is Very Cool!

I finally found a Vernor Vinge book at audible. It is the 2007 Hugo Award Winner “Rainbows End”. What a cool book ❗ For the techie — It has it all. ( If you’re not a techie — this may be a tough read).

The best Sci-Fi books describe future technical possibilities via traditional storylines. That is — these books describe how real people live their lives with future technology. Vinge knows that the most interesting thing is how people live with technology, and not the technology itself. That is the success of Rainbows End. There is tons of future technology discussed – huge medical advances, ubiquitous networked computing with its security issues, geo-political snoops, huge advances in bio-technology, Virtual worlds, Just-in-Time Training, and more. The technology is very cool. The predictions themselves are fascinating, but the strength of the book is how the characters live with that technology. How they react to magical medical cures, how they interact with the Internet (ie what is the user interface), what do they do on the Internet, what is school like?, etc. What is their life like ❓

So what is life like in 2025 San Diego ❓ It is very cool 😎 Vinge is pretty positive. He doesn’t say everything’s gonna be great, but this is an acceptable future.

Aside: One of the great features of audiobooks is that the pronunciation is always correct. I always thought Vinge == Vinj, but it is pronounced “Vingee”.

Note: the full text is available on here