Useful Mac Software: 1Password

I converted my 30 day trial of 1Passwd to a small business purchase yesterday. Which is $50 for 5 users.

I had a system where I captured all my passwords in file that was stored on an encrypted disc image section of my hard drive. Works just fine for me. But it doesn’t work for everyone else in my family. They all have weak/crappy passwords and write them down all over the place 😦

1Password constructs strong passwords, determines password strength of existing passwords, manages all one’s password’s, and more. It just works.

The biggest feature I found is that it survived a 30-day trial by my better half 🙂

Also — I found the overview page very helpful ( or maybe overwhelming ). Even if you don’t purchase 1Passwd you’ll find this page interesting. It has good notes on managing Firefox and Camino passwords. One thing that I learned of was the existence of a Master Password setting in Firefox.


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