re: Yahoo to Shaw e-mail problems

It is such a bummer how long it takes to resolve hassles like this. I posted on how all of my e-mail sent from my address are being “returned/bounced” by Shaw’s servers a few days ago. I traded e-mails with Shaw’s support and the end result is below. It can be paraphrased as — “It’s yahoo’s problem” … “your e-mail address is considered a spam/virus source”

I’m now on the path of contacting Yahoo mail help. Maybe that will get me somewhere.

I’ve had that e-mail address for over 10 years. It looks like I’m going to have to change it 😦


Thank you for contacting email support. It’s likely the Yahoo servers have been compromised in some manner which prompted the Shaw servers to block them. Shaw’s servers have a built in protection from spam or viruses that blocks outside servers if they are behaving in a threatening manner.

We would advise that the email holder to forward their error messages to the Yahoo support administrators. Since we do not have direct controls over the Yahoo servers we will be unable to correct any issues that have arisen at their end. It’s quite likely the Yahoo mail administrators are already aware of their challenges and are looking into resolving their server issues promptly.

Shaw Internet xxxx Help

I just got this one that say’s that I’m on a bad server. This is interesting.

Hello Iain,

Just to clarify, your individual yahoo email address (or your wife’s) is not being blocked. It is one or two of the Yahoo mail servers. So if your email falls in one of those yahoo servers that were blocked, yours will be blocked as well. Our advise is to have some sort of backup email address such as a Gmail or a Hotmail email account. Since you have a Gmail account, use that to send to Shaw, we certain Gmail is not blocked at this time.

Shaw Internet xxxxx Help


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  1. thank you for easing my complete frustration with my yahoo email for the last 3-4 days. McAfee virus protection saved my computer because each time i try to check my msgs at yahoo there was a flood of viruses and i still am unable to get into my yahoo e mail box. And i am not a technical person to understand what is going on!!!So is this the end of yahoo? What is really going on ? ruth

  2. Hi Ruth,
    It does seem like some major is happening with Yahoo mail. But there is very little on the topic when I Google search. I can only speculate.

    On the plus side ( kind of ). I’ve been sending a test e-mail from my yahoo account to the shaw domain and have finally got a message thru. But it took 2 days to get thru 😦

    I’ve had no luck with Yahoo mail help. The basic yahoo mail help has said “all is fine” on our end. Then the “live chat” person forwarded me to a different problem report page. Those people are supposed to report within 48 hours which is sometime today. So much for being a “premium user” who is paying for Yahoo mail. But then again I’ve had this e-mail address for over 10 years and this is the first major problem. But it is creeping up to 3 weeks with “no service” to the majority of my e-mail destinations.

    I switched my primary e-mail to gmail a week ago and it has no problems.


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