Cisco hasn’t given up on hardware … New Quantum Flow NPU

Cisco announced their new QuantumFlow Processor last week and will announce which box it will be used in on March 4th . It’s a beast with 800M transistors, 40 cores, support for 160 simultaneous processes, > 100 engineers, > 40 patent submissions, and a rumoured $100M dev cost.

It’s interesting that Cisco has had a some major hardware announcements lately. With all the “application” acquistions last year I had thought they were becoming more software oriented. Here is a good post on what the new Nexus hardware means for software at Cisco. Will Cisco’s ‘Big Switch’ Provoke a New Technology War? – Seeking Alpha. The comments attatched to the post are interesting too ( read them )

Here are links to articles on Quantum Flow device … all are pretty thin. Network World one has some rumours …

4 thoughts on “Cisco hasn’t given up on hardware … New Quantum Flow NPU”

  1. * speculation — my guess is that this NPU gets used in an Edge Router
    ** I’ve seen other speculation like this. we’ll know tomorrow.
    * that has historically been the first deployment of Cisco’s past multi-core NPUs.

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