So much for Yahoo Mail Support :-( 6 days and counting :-(

It’s been six days since I sent the mass of undeliverable shaw e-mails to Yahoo Mail support group that their Live Chat guy recommended. So much for replying in 48 hours 👿

Subject: Auto Confirmation – Your Yahoo! Mail support request was received (KMM66772997V5872L0KM)
Date: March 7, 2008 8:04:45 AM PST (CA)
To: xxxxxx


This is an automated message regarding your recent request for Yahoo!
Mail Customer Care support. We have received your message and will
respond within the next 48 hours with an answer.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to helping you!


Yahoo! Customer Care

**Please do not respond to this message as no one will receive it.


3 Replies to “So much for Yahoo Mail Support :-( 6 days and counting :-(”

  1. there are so many people send mail for me
    but when i open my mail,there are no unread mail!!!
    help me

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