Wow! — Neil Gaiman Reads “Neverwhere”

This is great entertainment. It’s very engrossing. It is imaginative 💡 It is scary 😯 It is weird. It has evil characters 👿 It is good. It is personal. It feels very very real. ➡ It is immensely sticky. I can’t get it off me 🙂

I completely agree with the final paragraph of this review: SF Site: A review by Alice Dechene .

You may have gathered that I really liked this novel. I’ll admit I don’t know how to classify it: sci-fi, fantasy or psychological thriller. In fact I don’t know how to label this at all except to call it very, very good.

Narrator: The Audible version is expertly narrated by the author himself. I usually avoid author narrations based on past experience, but this was very well done.

Plot: If you want plot hints go to Neverwhere (novel) – Wikipedia.

Book Club Questions – Here are discussion questions

This is my second Neil Gaiman book. I’m glad that there are many more to read.


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