Better late than never – Permission Marketing by Seth Godin


I really like the library tag on Seth’s books — “658.8 GOD” 🙂

I’m a follower of Seth’s blog and I really like his focus on relationships in marketing. Or (maybe) I should say that I only know direct and relationship marketing so I finally found someone that didn’t drive me crazy.

I’ve finally read “Permission Marketing” and I really enjoyed it. I think most technology companies understand this concept, but it is rarely written down. Our world is all customer relationships with differing levels of permission. We all hate that it is hard work and wish we could just do big ads. But those never work. Our ads and press releases are only read by investors, not customers/prospects.

It is “good” to hear logical explanation of why we need to stick to our relationship methods which require immense leg-work, and blocking & tackling ( he calls it farming vs hunting ). Our user groups are the most important asset we have. To me the Cisco’s networkers conference is the “gold standard” with it’s CCIE training and more.

Parting Note – The best part is that I no longer have lingering doubts about “not getting” Branding and Advertising in my business. There is also a ton insight into how to improve the one-to-one messaging. Looking forward to more of his blog and to reading the newer books.