bye bye yahoo mail plus

I had to phone in my cancellation of service for yahoo mail plus today 👿

I was going to let my cancellation of yahoo mail plus go by silently. I felt that I’ve posted too much wrt/ my Yahoo mail problems, but then the “cancel service” button didn’t work online 😦

I had to phone it in. “Can you say Irritating”.


6 thoughts on “bye bye yahoo mail plus”

  1. Did you lose access to your email address? Meaning, can you downgrade back to Yahoo! Mail (free version) and keep the email address you used while paying for Yahoo! Mail Plus?

    1. yes I was able to keep my e-mail address when I downgraded to the free version. The irony is that the free version works fine and the paid version did not. All that happens is that one’s e-mail account no longer has the Mail Plus features.

  2. Hello. what phone number did you dial to reach Yahoo? they don’t list any phone numbers or contact details.

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